Here is a list of the most important European networks. Some of them are supported by the Creative Europe programme.

Architects’ Council of Europe
The Architects’ Council of Europe is a non-profit organization gathering 43 organisations representing the interests of over 565,000 professionals dealing with architecture in 31 European countries.

Art Directors Club of Europe
ADCE is an association dedicated to recognising and strengthening excellence and promotion of European creativity in the world, and also gathering creative people from Europe and beyond through their annual awards, events, programmes and publications.

Association Européenne des Conservatoires, Académies de Musique et Musikhochschulen
Association АEC is a European network for culture and education representing the interests of institutions dealing with education and training of music professionals. Today, the network encompasses more than 300 organisations from 55 countries.

Association of Cultural Encounter Centres
ACCR is an initiative gathering 22 members from France and 22 from other European countries (and non-European as well: Brazil, Canada, Australia). The network has the aim of promoting contemporary perspective of cultural heritage and creativity in accordance with the development of modern society and the contribution to the development of innovation, sustainability and inclusion within its territory.

Association of European Open Air Museums
AEOM is an association of leaders of open ait museums in Europe which has the aim of exchanging scientific, technical, practical, and organisational experiences of open air museums and the promotion of open air museums activities in their entirety.

Association of European Royal Residences
ARRE is a network dedicated to establishing cooperation between places preserving and promoting the heritage of monarchies, but also to dissemination of knowledge and experiences they have with regards to preservation and promotion of the rich cultural heritage through organising trainings and knowledge exchange activities, empowering partnerships and coproduction projects.

Audiences Europe Network
A network for cultural professionals who want to speak about their audiences. The aim of the network is to establish connections outside of national and cultural borders.

The network is working on the development and structuring of the field of circus and street art in Europe and beyond. With 84 members from 25 countries, it contributes to building sustainable future from this sector through empowerment of cultural actors, through the creation of resources and activities of observation and research, professional exchange, strengthening capacities and informing.

Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe
Initiated by the Council of Europe, Compendium is an Internet place with permanently updated information and a monitoring system of national cultural policies in Europe. It represents a long-term project that aims to include all 50 member states into their work within the European Convention on Culture.

Culture Action Europe
Culture Action Europe is one of the biggest organisations representing the cultural and creative sectors at the European level.

Design Europe 2021 – Design for Cultural and Creative Growth
BEDA gathers 46 members from 25 European countries. Members can be centres for promotion of design and other publically funded organisations promoting design on the national or the regional level, and also professionals and professional associations of designers throughout Europe.

European Network on Cultural Management and Policy
ENCATC is a network of more than 100 organisations and professionals in more than 40 countries who are active in education, trainings and researches within the wide field of cultural management and policy. ENCATC members have influence on the education of thousands of cultural managers throughout the world.

European Route of Industrial Heritage
The network was founded with the idea to strengthen the awareness of respect, understanding, protection and promotion of the common industrial cultural heritage as a means to achieve economic growth. The basic aims of the network are directed towards the protection of European industrial heritage and its use as an initiator of the development of regions facing economic downfall.

Eurocities is a network of important European cities. Through six thematic forums, different work groups, projects, activities and events, it offers a platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas to its members. The aim of the network is strengthening the importance the role of local authorities has in multi-tiered structures currently in power.

Europa Nostra
During 50 years of its existence, Europa Nostra developed a network of over 400 organisations member and associated members throughout Europe. Europa Nostra is the voice of cultural heritage of Europe and it represents individuals and organisations active in the field of cultural heritage.

Europe Jazz Network
Europe Jazz Network is a European association of organisations dealing with production, promotion and support of music, contemporary jazz and improvisations in music with an exclusively European dimension. It supports the identity and diversity of jazz of Europe and spreads the awareness about its significance as a cultural and educational force.

European Association for Architectural Education
EAAE is a non-profit association dedicated to the exchange of ideas and professionals within the field of education and research in architecture. The aim of this network is advancement of knowledge base and the quality of education and research in architecture and urban design.

European Association for the Education of Adults
EAEA is the voice of informal education of adults in Europe. With 141 member organisations in 45 countries, it represents more than 60 million students throughout Europe. Its aim is to connect and present European organisations directly included in adult education. It promotes education in later years of life and access and participation in informal education with everyone, especially excluded groups.

European Booksellers Federation
EIBF represents national bookseller associations in the EU and beyond. It gathers different types of organisations: from traditional bookshops, online bookshops, independent bookshops to bookseller associations. The mission of the network is advocating in favour of interests of bookshops as opposed to European institutions and other international organisations.

European Centre for Cultural Organisation and Management
ECCOM is active in the field of cultural management with the aim of promoting the interdisciplinary approach of cultural organisations. One of the most important topics dealt with by the network is the social role of culture as a means for integration and promotion of life-long learning and active participation of citizens.

European Composer and Songwriter Alliance
The main aim of the Alliance is the defence and promotion of authors’ rights and authorship in the field of music on the national, European and the international level in all legal respects. ECSA advocates for fair commercial conditions for composers and songwriters and it strives to improve social and economic development of music creativity of Europe.

European Concert Hall Organisation
ECHO is a platform for open exchange and joint contemplation about possibilities, development and common challenges important for the life of concert halls in 21st century. Membership is available only to institutions and by invitation. It is possible to express a desire to become a member which is then taken into consideration.

European Conference of Promoters of New Music
ECPNM is a European union of organisations dealing with the promotion of contemporary music, especially the one composed after 1950. Among its 30 members there are well-known festivals of contemporary music, but also small local organisers of festivals and new music ensembles. It has the aim of improving international cooperation and coordination of new music events in Europe.

European Council of Associations of Literary Translators
ECALT has the aim of gathering information about the current state in literary translation of member countries and disseminating experiences and examples of good practices. Moreover, it advocates for the defence of rights, social and economic interests of literary translators in the European context, which includes lobbying in the EU, and also reacting publically to trends and events impacting the translator’s profession and the quality of literary translation.

European Cultural Foundation
European cultural foundation connects communities and decision makers in culture throughout Europe. Connecting culture, community and democracy is an all encompassing thematic focus that it supports, researches and advocates.

European Dancehouse Network 14-17
EDN is a trust and cooperation network of European dance houses sharing a common vision of development of dance across all borders. It advocates the preservation of sustainable future of the dance sector and the improvement of relevance of different dances in society.

European Early Music Network
REMA is the only network of early music in Europe. Its main aim is offering different possibilities to its members, empowering exchange of knowledge, information and cooperations in the field of early music.

European Federation of National Youth Orchestras
The main aim of EFNYO as a representation network is establishing a platform for communication about trainings, education and work within projects of cooperation between ensembles and orchestras, current and future members.

European Festival Association
EFA gathers around 100 prominent festivals and festival associations from 40 countries. This number makes this network an open, influential, international space for all festivals wanting to be a part of the great European group.

European Forum of Heritage Associations
The mission of the network is raising awareness about the cultural heritage of Europe through creating a network on non-professional public, especially in the field of archaeology and through the organisation of international programmes of exchange for individuals, members of the network, especially for young audience so they would empower them to actively participate in the research, protection and promotion of cultural heritage of Europe.

European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals
EFWMF is a network of festival inclined towards global music and local cultures. It nurtures the urban groove and traditional expressions, creativity and collective music heritage. The main focus is the artistic one. Interaction and collaboration between members represents its main activity, but the network also wants to establish connections between non-European festivals and networks within the music community.

European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies
An organisation dealing with improving networking within the field of culture. The activities it conducts include creating new public spheres as opposed to the conservative hegemonic discourse of cultural identity and representations, effectively introducing new topics of cultural policy into discourses of democratic policy, displaying and developing examples of artistic practices.

European League of Institutes of the Arts
ELIA is an independent network of organisations dealing with high artistic education. With over 300 members in 47 countries it represents 300,000 students in all artistic disciplines. ELIA represents art on the European level, opens new possibilities for its members and organises exchanges of good practices.

European Library
European Library is an independent non-profit library service organisation supported by CENL. It mostly works on strengthening and supporting libraries throughout the continent. It deals with gathering, enriching and innovation of content in libraries.

European Museum Forum
A European non-profit organisation functioning as an agency dedicated to raising the standard of museums and publishing excellence. It represents a reference point for the museum scene inclined towards innovation.

European Music Council
European Music Council is the regional group of the International Music Council for Europe and it represents an umbrella organisation of music creativity in Europe. It confirms the important role of music and culture in the political and social development of peaceful and integrative Europe.

European Network for Active Participation in Cultural Activities
The network strives to improve the flow of information, especially about the socio-political activities of the members, secures political support for topics dealing with the importance of actively participating in cultural activities; it supports projects of international cooperation, festivals, exhibitions and exchange programmes.

European Network for Opera and Dance Education
RESEO is a European network for education, participation and creative learning in opera and dance.

European Network of Cultural Centres
ENCC is a network believing in active empowerment of the voice of citizens in society through art and culture, it enables them this and supports them in creative expression in public spaces, respecting cultural equality, intercultural diversity and sustainability.

European Network of Cultural Centres-Historic Monuments
ENCCHM wishes to enable the exchange of knowledge, good practices and analyses of reusing heritage for the purposes of contemporary culture, in order to make conducting experiments concerning innovative approaches to promote heritage easier; it observes, expands and promotes using heritage for a smart, sustainable and inclusive development of communities and territories.

European Network of Information Centres for the Performing Arts (ENICPA)
The network has the aim to allow professionals in performative arts to improve their skills through exchange of expertise and knowledge. ENICPA firmly believes in building trust through meeting and cooperation on the yearly level.

European Theatre Convention (ETC)
ETC is a network of European public theatres formed in 1988 in order to promote contemporary theatre drama, mobility of artists and the development of artistic exchange in Europe and beyond.

European Union Baroque Orchestra (EUBO)
EUBO is an initiative for professional development allowing young performers of baroque music from all of European Union to obtain orchestra experience as a part of their career development, in order to bridge the path from studies to a professional career.

European Union of Music Competitions for Youth (EMCY)
EMCY is a network of national and international music competitions for youth in the European Union.

European Walled Towns (EWT)
EWT is an international forum promoting common interests of European cities divided by walls.

European Writers’ Council
EWC is a union of 50 national and trans-national organisations of professional writers and literary translators in 34 European countries. It supports diversity of literature together with raising awareness about the role of an author in the society.

Eurozine is a network of journalists in culture connecting over 80 partner newspapers, magazines and institutions from almost all European countries.

Future for Religious Heritage
FHR is gathering professionals, organisations, public institutions, governments, religious and university institutions working on the protection of cultural heritage throughout Europe. FHR is a non-profit, non-religious organisation open to everyone.

FoAm is a network of interdisciplinary laboratories on the crossroads of culture, science, nature and everyday life.

Informal European Theatre Meeting
This network includes over 500 professionals and organisations dealing with contemporary performative arts throughout the world: theatre, dance, circus, interdisciplinary live artistic forms, and the new media.

International Association of Music Information Centres
The International Association of Music Information Centres is an international network of organisations documenting, promoting and informing about music of their respective countries or regions in a multitude of music genres.

Network of European Museum Organisations
NEMO is an independent network of national museums and it represents the museum community of countries members of the Council of Europe.

On the Move (OTM)
OTM is an informative network of mobility in culture with over 35 members in 20 countries. It works on empowering and easing cross-border mobility and cooperation, contributing to the construction of a live common European cultural space with strong connections in the world.

Opera Europa
Opera Europa is the leading service organisation for professional opera companies and opera festivals throughout Europe.

PEN International
Global organisation gathering distinguished writers and editors throughout the world.

Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes
For over 20 years, Pépinières européennes pour jeunes artistes has been designing and implementing interdisciplinary programmes of mobility, creativity, coproduction and dissemination on the European and the international level.

Performing Arts Employers Associations League Europe (PEARLE)
Pearle*-Live Performance Europe is functioning as a forum for exchange of information important for its members, exchange of experience in cultural management and technical skills, support and assistance in establishing associations of cultural employees.

Res Artis – International Network of Arts Residencies
Res Artis is a global professional network of organisations for artistic residence programmes, securing the sustainability and development of this field through establishing connections and offering easier professional development of member organisations.

Réseau Art Nouveau Network*
The association is gathering organisations representing cities and regions with Art Nouveau heritage and it is dealing with the importance of Art Nouveau history.

The European Bureau of Library
The European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations is an independent umbrella organisation of libraries, informational, documentary and archive associations and institutions throughout Europe.

Trans Europe Halles
Trans Europe Halles is a network of cultural centres initiated by citizens and artists.

Yourope – The European Festival Association
Yourope is a European association of festival supporting cooperation between festivals on the European level, influencing and improving legal frameworks in which festivals develop their projects and making the exchange of skills and knowledge easier.