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UG Iskra Stolac has existed for 10 years, it was founded primarily out of the need to raise awareness in Stolac in terms of cultural and sports life, as well as the promotion of tourism and environmental awareness of citizens. As part of UG Iskra, there are also sports clubs whose founder is the Iskra Basketball Club, Iskra Tavla Club. As far as culture is concerned, UG Iskra started the largest music festival in the region “Iskra Budućnosti”, and as part of the City Library, which also works as part of the association, it organizes various promotions, presentations, theater performances with around 15,000 titles. In our work, we organized a series of environmental (forestation, beach landscaping, river cleaning) and humanitarian activities.

First name: Samir
Last name: Zekić

Contact number: 0038761523203

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