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ULUPUBIH – Association of Fine Artists of Applied Arts and Designers of Bosnia and Herzegovina is an umbrella professional organization of fine artists who deal with applied arts and design in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Artists are voluntarily associated in order to exercise their professional rights and interests, as well as for promotion and participation in cultural, artistic, public and political life.

ULUPUBIH was founded in 1954. After the suspension of work since 1992, the Association was re-registered in 1996.

The association currently has 150 active members in sections: graphic design, photography, interior design, industrial design, fashion design, costume and scenography, multimedia design, unique design, restoration and design theory.

Freedom of artistic creativity in a safe, democratic, modern society, in which artists equally influence the creation of social and cultural trends and policies, is the vision of our Association.

The mission of ULUPUBIH is the promotion, stimulation and development of applied fine arts and design in Bosnia and Herzegovina.The goals and activities of the Association are:
– protection of freedom of artistic creativity,
– protection of the reputation and dignity of artistic creativity in the field of applied fine arts and
– members of the Association are obliged to defend the ideals of humanism with their actions and public activities
of peace, to be against racial and national hatred,
– care for the protection of works of fine art, as well as other artistic creations created in
in the previous period, as well as in the current period,
– to constantly work on gathering new members who are actively engaged in unique creativity or
shaping and design, whose works have original artistic value and which operate in the territory
Bosnia and Herzegovina,
– to be actively involved in all social streams and contribute to development through the creative work of its members
cultural and artistic creativity as an integral part of our society in general,
– to operate and help the development of all activities of applied arts on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and
industrial design design,
– to support the creative activities of its members and, through this, to affirm the work of the fine arts in the public
artists of applied arts and designers and the team helps spread art culture,
– to organize and help the training of its members and develop an initiative for comprehensive consideration
ideological and professional issues in the field of applied arts and design,
– to introduce work organizations through exhibition, information, publishing and propaganda activities,
authorities as well as the wider social public with the problems and achievements of applied arts in the territory
Bosnia and Herzegovina,
– to cooperate with other related associations whose goal is to improve creativity in the field of fine arts,
applied and other related arts, in the country and abroad,
– to work on more complete provision of the living and working conditions of its members,
– help and support in presenting presentations and promoting the works of its members,
– to protect copyright and other creative rights and take care of the realization of their rights and obligations,
– to help and develop the creative and professional qualities of young members and take care of them
adequate inclusion in social and professional streams,
– to perform other tasks assigned to him by law, Statute or other normative act
jurisdiction or obligation.

First name: Amila
Last name: Smajovic

Contact number: 0038763890221

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