The database contains contacts of organizations that have expressed interest in participating in the Creative Europe program.


We are a diverse collective of creative minds of different generations, including educators and professionals from different fields, united in our efforts to develop and promote innovative practices, technologies, and utilize design thinking and other design methodologies to help those seeking to innovate. Our approach to innovation is informed by our practical experiences and academic research capacity. This enables us to collaborate, partner, and lead local and international projects to achieve our goals in synergy. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, we have endured war and continuous crises for the past 30 years, experiencing both the best and worst of human creativity. Driven by innovation and creativity, we try to harness our resilient creativity and creative resiliency to address these challenges and promote positive change that transcends divisions. Many countries and regions worldwide face similar or worse challenges, and global problems such as climate change and technological change affect us all.
Our work at INDI+E includes projects that use creativity to raise awareness about social issues, organizing gatherings to synergize local and international experiences, partnering with companies and institutions to provide opportunities for young creatives, and educating about the potential of creativity using both bottom-up and top-down approaches.

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