The database contains contacts of organizations that have expressed interest in participating in the Creative Europe program.


“TUZLA LIVE” Association, established in 2000, is run by a highly motivated and professional staff with the aim of developing youth activism and urban culture. Additionally, we are focused on nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit and development of informal education in the creation of conceptual projects and their implementation. Our activities are related to many disciplines of Creative Industries, Digital Economy and Social Entrepreneurship. The projects are led by a team of experienced and expert activists, professionals and artists (6-8 members), who are engaged according to project topics and demands. The projects for which the Association is recognizable are: the Džumbus Festival project, MARtelive Europe, Re:ACTIVate, Creativity for ALl, Accelerator Tandem, Creative Cluster, STEAM classes, Creating a Community, BRDO Coworking Space, OPTIONZ Fest, TUZLA LIVE Fest, ARTizans in Action, EXIT festival promotion alongside work with a large number of young musicians, artists, professionals, universities, companies, media, and other local and regional stakeholders.

Through continuous work and project implementation (events, seminars, trainings, workshops, promotions, networking, etc.) the Association has obtained a significant network of members, associates and partners, both local and regional and partners from Europe. This makes it possible to strengthen the know-how in the spheres of synergy of different disciplines, which is a very important factor in the efforts to effectively and efficiently reach the planned project goals during the time of a very bad economic and political climate. In particular, we are proud of being active in projects/networks such as Digital Cities, European Creative Hub Network, Tandem Europe, CoworkMED, etc. through which we connected and continue to connect with the local and regional Creative Sector and the main educational institutions from the WB6 region and Europe.

First name: Anes
Last name: Husanovic

Contact number: +38762761331

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